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One thing that hasn't changed, is our beautiful view of Mt. Adams

For those of us who live here, this is our town.   You might hear visitors say....

                                               "Boy, there isn't much here!"  

There is no cell phone service, so, .....know where you are going before you get here, because google won't be able to tell you.


Our two main businesses in town will pretty much take care of your needs.

Screen Shot 2024-03-08 at 7.53.33 AM.png

The Glenwood Station is a gas station, motel, restaurant and rental house.  It is owned by the Yakama Nation.  They have propane, ice, a small grocery/gift shop, laundromat and WiFi.

The Glenwood General Store is owned by Claude McKenzie.  Most of us call it "Claude's".  

Claude carries the basics, and much more.  He has great pizza, a deli cabinet, ATM, alcohol, ice  and daily specials, hunting and fishing licenses, Discover Pass. 

The store also has WiFi.  

Screen Shot 2024-03-08 at 8.08.31 AM.png
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