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When I was a kid, growing up in Washougal, my grandma would tell me the story of some people who died on Mt. Pleasant, when their car became stuck in a snowdrift.  They left their car running and died.

When Tom got his teaching job, here in Glenwood, he taught with Grace Davis.  Lela Ward told me that Grace's husband Wallace had almost died of carbon monoxide poisoning at Cape Horn when his car was stuck in a snow drift.  

I suspect this was the same incident that my grandma told me about.  

That same February 1937 snow storm, Lela said she and her siblings almost died from carbon monoxide in her brother's car traveling from school to their house.  

These articles are from the February 05, 1937 Mt Adams Sun.

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Lela said she could remember being groggy and people working with her to get her to breathe.

Harold Wellenbrock was driving, with his brother Chet.  In the back seat, with a blanket over their head, because of the cold, were Lela, sisters Florence and Sadie and neighbor boy Ben Schneidler.  The following week's news had more information.   

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