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Jim's cell phone image from July 13, 2020 

His comment:   

"In case you are not aware, Comet Neowise is now visible in the evening sky, low in the northwest.  It is moving higher into the sky each night, thus easier to see.  Last night (July 13) I got the attached cell phone shot at about 10:30pm.  Not that great a shot, but it is pretty close to what it looks like through binoculars.  The comet is first visible at about 10pm.  

It is also still visible in the northeast in the early morning."

Jim White

Comet Neowise July 13.jpg




Kathy and I saw Comet Neowise this morning from the TL School parking lot.  The picture (Kathy's shot) was from about 3:45am.  For anyone crazy enough, the comet will be just to the left and a bit lower than this tomorrow morning.  The view is looking northeast; the bright star above and to the right of the comet is Capella.  In a couple of days it'll be in the evening sky, low in the northwest.  Of course, it may be fading by then as it pulls away from us.

Worth a look!  Not often that we get to see a comet bright enough to see with the naked eye.  Take a pair of binoculars to improve the view.

Jim W

JULY 11, 2020

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 9.05.49 PM.png
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